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A young person living in Southern Europe today is five times less likely to be employed than someone born only several hundred miles away, in Germany. With youth unemployment rates averaging nearly 50% in some areas of the region, an increasingly frustrated population has been turning to both policy makers and entrepreneurs for help. The landscape of unemployment isn’t entirely hopeless, high impact solutions are emerging in impressive new ways. Since 2009, through his organization, Career Moves, Gregor Demblin has promoted over 12,000 jobs for people with disabilities with over 450 companies in Austria. The question is: how can we get the ideas that work to travel across borders and work on a countrywide level?
"La Ruche qui dit Oui" was founded in 2011 in France by Ashoka Fellow Guilhem Chéron aiming to provide consumers with access to a small-scale, environmentally-sustainable supply system for local products. Nowadays there are more than 800 Colmenas all over Europe (Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium and France) changing the way we consume and providing work opportunities to several hundreds of people.
Or how to spread solutions that work in jobless economies Over the past five years, the quest for highly innovative entrepreneurship solutions to some of the most urgent societal issues has seen a growing interest from policy makers, social investors and even support organisations. Yet, if we look at the overall survival rates of enterprises, less than half of them survive the first five years. With THIS WORKS, we support changemakers in Southern Europe to acquire the confidence that they can trigger an upward spiral by learning from what works in other countries, partnering up in smart, fluid and cross-sectorial teams of teams and launching powerful solutions to drive systemic change.
The GlobalizerX on Employment is part of “THIS WORKS” - an initiative launched by Ashoka with the support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung to support the scale and replication of proven solutions and ideas for employment in Southern Europe.