La Ruche Qui Dit Oui

La Ruche Qui Dit Oui

"La Ruche qui dit Oui" was founded in 2011 in France by Ashoka Fellow Guilhem Chéron aiming to provide consumers with access to a small-scale, environmentally-sustainable supply system for local products. All farmers who want to be a part of the network are checked and interviewed to ensure that they employ sustainable, sanitary farming practices. Each Ruche (Beehive), or local distribution point, is run by a leader from the community. The leader recruits local producers and consumers, and manages a dedicated online marketplace for each Beehive, hosted by an online platform.

The online platform is used to collect and analyse data, to improve the service and to better understand modes of consumption. What is more, it is a tool that farmers can use to communicate between themselves in order to cooperate and collaborate. They can also have a dialogue with consumers and raise awareness of themes such as food, waste and environment. Finally, “La Ruche” offers IT training to farmers, who are not traditionally a digitally-savvy group.  

Following its success in France, Ashoka Spain supported the launch of this project in Spain in September 2014. Marc Raulin, leader of the initiative in Spain has developed an entire team and has already reached 25 beehives in Madrid, Barcelona, Andalucía (Sevilla, Granada, Córdoba), Valencia, León and Bilbao, engaging 199 farmers and over 10.000 consumers. 

In Italy Eugenio Sapora launched "Alveare che dice Si" in 2015 and has already helped to launch 20 beehives, gathering 2000 consumers and 100 farmers. The objective is 100 beehives by 2017.

Nowadays there are more than 800 Colmenas all over Europe (Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium and France).