Emerging Insights - The 2018 Ashoka Fellows


“If we all don’t win, we all lose.”

This is the lesson that Ashoka Fellows around the world continue to teach us as they create innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. We welcomed 109 new Ashoka Fellows into our global network in 2018, now showcased in this inaugural Emerging Insights report which details how our newly-elected Fellows change systems, cross borders, and shift mindsets in collaborative and holistic ways. In analyzing the work of these Fellows elected over the last 12 months, we saw patterns in their visions for social change as well as commonalities in the strategies and tools they use to achieve their goals. Organized broadly across eight complex global themes—such as youth, women, migration, and science and technology—this report reveals trends in these fields about where we are headed in the future.

Please find below our 8 stories on Diversity and Inclusion, Climate Change and the Environment,  Migration, WomenScience and Technology, Health, Media and Youth

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Emerging Insights 2018: Introduction

If we don’t all win, we all lose. This is the lesson that Ashoka Fellows around the world continue to teach us as they work to solve the most -pressing issues of today and tomorrow. We live in a world of fast change and interconnected problems where a singular event can cascade quickly to become a...

Emerging Insights 2018: Diversity and Inclusion

Empathy and Visibility in Polarized Societies

Emerging Insights 2018: Women

Redefinitions and Reductions in Harm

Emerging Insights 2018: Health

Serving the Underserved with Technology Innovations

Emerging Insights 2018: Media

Ashoka Fellows are working to rebuild trust in the media by ensuring journalists have the resources & tools that enable rigorous, fact-based, & reliable journalism.

Emerging Insights 2018: Youth

Authentic Leadership and Personal Wellbeing