Name Type Country Focus of Work Election Date Organization
Claudia Thomas Riche Fellow Haiti 2019 Nursing Education Collaborative for Haiti
Mauro Antonio Vargas Urías Fellow Mexico Gender equity, Men’s issues, Women’s issues, Human Rights & Equality 2019 GENDES A.C.
Carolina Contreras Fellow Mexico Citizen / community participation, Racial equality, Women’s issues, Civic Engagement, Human Rights & Equality 2019 Miss Rizos
Arturo Hernandez Fellow Mexico Civic Engagement, Citizen / community participation, Corruption, Media 2019 Los Supercivicos
HEC Montréal Changemaker Campus Canada 2019
Vincent Lagacé Fellow Mexico Financial services / markets, Capacity building, Economic development, Business & Social Enterprise, Development & Prosperity 2019 Nuup
B. S. Nagesh Fellow India 2019 TRRAIN (Trust for Retailers & Retail Associates of India)
Achraf Aouadi Fellow Tunisia 2019 iWatch
Sue Riddlestone Fellow United Kingdom 2019 Bioregional
Deagon Yi Fellow South Korea Education / Learning, Citizen / community participation, Children & Youth, Civic Engagement 2019 책마을해리
JinKyeong Cho Fellow South Korea Human rights, Women’s issues, Human Rights & Equality 2019 Stand Up Against Sex-Trafficking of Minors
Ngu Morcho Fellow Nigeria 2018 Yako Medical Africa
Peter Awin Fellow Ghana 2018 Cowtribe
Dinny Jusuf Fellow Indonesia Economic development, Development & Prosperity 2018 Toraja Melo
Regi Wahyu Fellow Indonesia 2018 HARA