TruTrade is a social enterprise providing smallholder farmers with a reliable route to market and fair prices for their produce. TruTrade is digitizing informal agricultural value chains, bringing transparency and transaction security to ‘first mile sourcing’. Its Trade Transparency Service (TTS) formalizes value chain transactions and improves efficiency, so that rural agricultural markets work better. With a bespoke online and mobile-enabled trading and payment platform, we Source, for collaborative supply chain management, TruTrade provides rural employment through a growing network of sourcing agents across Uganda and Kenya who manage collection points, check and weigh produce and trigger mobile payments direct to farmers. TruTrade also provides trade finance to pay farmers and cover transaction costs up to the point of delivery to the buyer. In addition, buyers get a reliable and traceable source of good quality produce and aggregators have a business opportunity. In 2017, TruTrade sourced 428MT of produce worth $242k and 841 farmers who their marketing service.

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