The transition from the old world of rules, repetition and hierarchies requires for everyone to be a giver, “Everyone a Changemaker”. Chirag’s story touches on how nurturing the creative power of youth can transform into a tool for social change.

Chirag Vedullapalli was born into a family of entrepreneurs. He describes his mother as a lifelong changemaker and is especially inspired by her. Chirag harnessed that familial changemaking at age five, when, after selling paintings he had created, he found himself wondering “what do I actually need this money for?”. Chirag subsequently donated the proceeds from his paintings to the Seattle Children’s Hospital and began his non-profit Creative Children for Charity, or “3C”. Founded on the principle that all children are creative changemakers, 3C utilizes the artistic talents of Seattle-area youth to start and fund social enterprises.

Over the past twelve years, 3C has grown into a regional organization thanks to Chirag’s team of youth co-leaders which manage internal organizational strategy, operations, technology as well as outreach. Their work has resulted in the donation of over 11,000 volunteer hours benefiting over 6,500 area youth and over 17 local nonprofits.

STEAM3D, a program begun by 3C in 2017, combines Chirag’s love of the arts with his passionate belief that technology is key to the future. STEAM3D workshops teach students how to operate 3D printers – a skill that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. Chirag sees 3D printing, as well as the more traditional artworks of 3C, as ways through which young people can find their passion. “When  everyone is inspired or empowered,” he says, they can “be their own changemaker and solve the problems that they face on a daily basis.” A change that would, this young entrepreneur feels, “improve our society, make our community even closer, and develop bonds.”

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