NAMPYA FARMERS’ MARKET is a mobile-based enterprise that offers a tech-enabled sourcing and distribution platform for agricultural produce to retail outlets in urban centres.  Established in 2016, NAMPYA is operating a mobile-based, cashless and business-to-business supply for retail outlets, kiosks, stalls and restaurants. At NAMPYA, a vendor makes an order using the platform and the staff reliably showup  up to their door-step with low-cost and better quality stock than what informal markets can offer.

NAMPYA FARMERS’ MARKET is building a commodities’ marketplace to connect farmers with customers using a business to business model. “The problem with the supply side (the farmers) is futures. The farmer does not know the value of their produce prior to selling it. “What NAMPYA does is use technology to fix this and make it more predictable. Farmers can send SMS to alert NAMPYA of their produce while the staff in the field make bookings on the produce when it’s ready. NAMPYA then uses this data to create a profile about the value of a certain commodity at a certain point in the future thereby creating an organized farmers market.​

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