Farmers Pride is linking marginalized rural farmers and agro-dealers to high-quality and certified agricultural inputs, key services, and information through the innovative and comprehensive agrovet franchise model, village youth agents, and mobile technology. Farmers Pride commercially distributes quality farm inputs e.g., fertilizer, animal feeds, seeds, farm tools and agro-chemicals with bundled farmer extension, farmer training and other services such as soil testing and insurance through a modern customer-focused franchise and partner network of agro dealers.

The social enterprise boasts qualified personnel from which franchises can recruit and then identify local agro dealer entrepreneurs in rural markets. These partner shops are staffed with trained agronomists and livestock specialists. Moreover, these shops become the centre point for a range of extension, training and awareness-creation activities including farmer clinics, product promotions. Farmers Pride reaches 10,000 farmers through a network of 4 franchise outlets and 10 village youth agents.

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