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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Orchards Elementary School Changemaker School United States Children & Youth, Early childhood development, Education / Learning, Youth development, Youth leadership
The Renaissance Charter School Changemaker School United States
StarShine Academy Changemaker School United States
Dr.Kalpana Gopalan Fellow India Youth development
H. Sudarshan Fellow India 1982
Rashida Begum Fellow India 1982
Anil Agarwal Fellow India 1982
Vasudha Vasanti Dhagamwar Fellow India 1982
Aditya Patnaik Fellow India 1982
Abhay Bang Fellow India 1985
Vasant Gangavane Fellow India 1985
Arvind Pitre Fellow India 1985
Rani Bang Fellow India 1985
Zukri Saad Fellow Indonesia 1986
Sudhirender Sharma Fellow India 1986