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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Mohamed Zariat Fellow Morocco 2018
Salem Massalha Fellow Egypt 2018
E K Shaji Fellow India Education reform, Children & Youth 2018
Shailabh Kumar Fellow India Financial services / markets, Economic development, Business & Social Enterprise, Development & Prosperity 2018
Elisa Costa Fellow Brazil 2018
Farid Nallim Fellow Argentina 2018
Melina Masnatta Fellow Argentina Girls’ development, Non-formal education, Youth development, Children & Youth 2018
Komal Dadlani Fellow Chile 2018
Adriana Barbosa Fellow Brazil Employment, Racial equity, Business & Social Enterprise, Human Rights & Equality 2018
Nerea De Ugarte Fellow Chile 2018
Tanin Timtong Fellow Thailand 2018
Lumber Andrada Fellow Uruguay Eco products, Recycling, Environment & Sustainability 2018
Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquín Fellow United States Labor, Biodiversity, Climate change, Natural resource management, Rural, Migration, Business & Social Enterprise, Environment & Sustainability, Human Rights & Equality 2018
Jessica Ladd Fellow United States Sexuality, Gender equity, Human rights, Violence and abuse, Women’s issues, Health & Fitness, Human Rights & Equality 2018
Emilie Schmitt Fellow France Employment, Civic Engagement, Business & Social Enterprise 2018