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makesense is a global, people-powered community that supports engaged citizens, passionate entrepreneurs, and forward-looking organizations to collectively tackle social issues. In 7 years, they have supported 2,800 entrepreneurs, 35,000 citizens, and 100 organizations.

Malakoff Médéric Humanis

Malakoff Médéric Humanis is a major player in complementary social protection, which has two businesses: personal insurance (health, welfare, retirement savings for more than 426,000 businesses and 10 million people and their families) and the management of complementary pension. A 3-year...


Förderung junger Sozialunternehmer / Verbreitung von Lösungsansätzen mit Hilfe etablierter Strukturen

Maria Farinha FIlmes

A Maria Farinha Filmes conta impactantes e inspiradoras historias que provoquem transformação por várias formas de mídia. Apoia a Ashoka com o programa Escolas Transformadoras e o programa Summit ASN.


The 1st French-Greek network for innovation, connecting innovation actors from France and Greece with the aim of sharing best practices and ideas, as well as supporting and promoting innovative initiatives.

McKinsey & Company

A strategic consulting company, McKinsey & Company creates strategic missions and conducts evaluations of social impact studies for Ashoka and for Fellows around the world. McKinsey & Company also support Ashoka Fellows with personal consultations that will help launch and scale Fellows' strategy...

Mentores de Impacto

Mentores de Impacto is the network focused on supporting and strengthening entrepreneurs and companies from all regions of Chile, who are generating a positive impact to the world. It believes that solutions to social and environmental problems today are not enough and struggles day by day to...

Mercado Libre

Ashoka y Mercado Libre buscan potenciar la cultura emprendedora, la innovación y el desarrollo sostenible en Latinoamérica, a través de la búsqueda de nuevos emprendedores sociales y el apoyo al ecosistema emprendedor.


Meridiam est une société française indépendante basée à Paris, spécialisée dans le développement, le financement et la gestion de projets d’infrastructures publiques sur le long terme. Créée en 2005, Meridiam investit dans des infrastructures publiques en Europe, en Amérique du Nord et en Afrique...