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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
José Shabot Cherem Fellow Mexico Education / Learning, Adult education, Children & Youth, Development & Prosperity 2017
Inna Hudaya Fellow Indonesia Education / Learning, Adult education, Reproductive health, Gender equity, Children & Youth, Development & Prosperity, Health & Fitness, Human Rights & Equality 2017
Mark Swift Fellow United Kingdom Nutrition, Wellness, Health & Fitness 2017
Benjamin Mousnier-Lompré Fellow France Technology, Health care, Reproductive health, Development & Prosperity, Health & Fitness 2017
Irfan Amalee Fellow Indonesia Violence and abuse, Human Rights & Equality 2017
Ignacio Hernández Medrano Fellow Spain 2017
Dan Acher Fellow Switzerland Civic Engagement, Development & Prosperity, Human Rights & Equality, Peace & Harmonious Relations, Citizen / community participation, Intercultural relations, Racial equity, Tolerance / pluralism, Urban development 2017
Roser Ballesteros Fellow Spain 2017
Pablo Santaeufemia Fellow Spain 2017
Tamer Taha Fellow Egypt Information & communication technology, Social enterprise, Economic development, Technology, Business & Social Enterprise, Development & Prosperity 2017
Paul Duan Fellow France Education / Learning, Citizen / community participation, Corruption, Public policy, Technology, Children & Youth, Civic Engagement, Development & Prosperity 2017
Gael Musquet Fellow France Information & communication technology, Education / Learning, Citizen / community participation, Disaster relief / crisis management, Public policy, Adult education, Technology, Natural resource management, Population, Business & Social Enterprise, Children & Youth, Civic Engagement, Development & Prosperity, Environment & Sustainability 2017
Sooinn Lee Fellow South Korea Education / Learning, Children & Youth 2017
Yves Moury Fellow Colombia 2017
Yorgui Teyrouz Fellow Lebanon Reproductive health, Health & Fitness 2017