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Ashoka's partners work together to invest in the people and patterns of collaborative entrepreneurship that are necessary in an Everyone a Changemaker® world.




Fathom Cruise Lines



Favart, créé en 2009, est un projet entrepreneurial porté par une ambition citoyenne visant à accompagner la convergence de l'innovation sociétale et de la pertinence économique au service du Bien commun par des solutions innovantes (Gouvernance Sociétale, Management de l’innovation durable...
FCA Japan Logo

FCA Japan


Festival Internacional de Innovacion Social

fiiS is a movement of people and organizations that dreams and works every day for a world of love, peace and joy. Through radical collaboration, it seeks to generate a personal and collective transformation in people towards a society based on respect and understanding.



Flecha Bus

Flecha Bus ayuda a conectar una red de emprendedores sociales distribuida a lo largo de toda la Argentina
Focus Scuola Logo; Entire Logo a giant orange rectangular block. Inside it and to the left, Focus written vertically in white, inside of a red rectangle. To the right, Scuola written in white against the orange background.

Focus Scuola

Focus Scuola is the Italian monthly magazine with the Focus brand published by Mondadori Scienza dedicated to primary and secondary school teachers.

Folha de S.Paulo

Traditional communication vehicle in São Paulo. Ashoka and Folha de S.Paulo have a partnership in the realization of the Diálogos Transformadores, a event that gathers experts and entrepreneurs to discuss about relevant topics in society.

Fondation Bettencourt Schueller