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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Athénée Royal Prince Baudouin de Marchin Changemaker School Belgium 2014
De Fontein Sint Niklaas Changemaker School Belgium 2014
Vincent Legrand Fellow France Energy, Environment & Sustainability 2014
David Flink Fellow United States 2014
Andrew Slack Fellow United States 2014
Wichoksak Ronnarongpairee Fellow Thailand 2014
Beatriz Diuk Fellow Argentina Education / Learning, Children & Youth 2014
Janelle Orsi Fellow United States 2014
Nathanaël Molle Fellow France Citizen / community participation, Intercultural relations, Civic Engagement, Peace & Harmonious Relations 2014
Gaele Regnault Fellow France Education / Learning, Children & Youth 2014
Andrea Coleman Fellow United Kingdom 2014
Wannakanok Pohitaedaoh Fellow Thailand 2014
Preeda Limmontakul Fellow Thailand 2014
Christian De Boisredon Fellow France Communications, Media, Economic development, Business & Social Enterprise, Civic Engagement, Development & Prosperity 2014
The Project School Changemaker School United States Children & Youth, Non-formal education, Play, Youth leadership, Peace & Harmonious Relations, Conflict resolution 2014