Changemaker Days in Schools

01 January 2019 - 15 March 2019



Changemakers are individuals who have the mindset and the competencies to empathise, build teams, collaborate and creatively solve problems for the good of all. These are hands-on learners who can analyse situations, find solutions and implement them in real life. They have found their power to innovate and solve the most complex problems - be it personal, professional, or social. They are well equipped to excel in the workplaces of the future and often times contribute significantly to creating and defining the future of work.

A Changemaker culture is a necessity for every school to have in a world where life no longer depends on efficiency in repetition or following orders, a world where as much as 80% of the best jobs of tomorrow do not yet exist today.

Ashoka is in the business of changing the world, and Progressive Schools our greatest allies!

Schools and progressive school leaders have a central role to play in achieving a world where every teenager is a changemaker. Ashoka helps students, parents, teachers and school leader to understand and internalise their role. We co-create strategies for school leaders to implmeent institutional practices that best support budding changemakers. These schools will be able to collaborate with various community stakeholders in building an environment where all students develop these competencies and they believe in their changemaking ability. Furthermore, participating schools and school leaders will become part of a network of like-minded and forward-thinking educational institutions that share an Everyone a Changemaker™ vision.

Ashoka organises Changemaker Days in schools, a day-long celebration of teen-led social innovation and future ready teenagers. These events are conducted in some of the most aspirational high schools across India to provide the necessary exposure to help the school community build a Changemaker culture. The event is designed to trigger the development of a supportive ecosystem where every teenager in the school gets the space and the opportunity to become a Changemaker.

Click Here for viewing a report of the Changemaker Days conducted in 2017-18.


If you would like to organise a Changemaker Day in your school, feel free to contact us: [email protected]