Sunish Jauhari

Ashoka Staff
India Leader - EACH

Sunish comes with two decades of leadership experience in international trade and investment consulting for the interest of small and medium scale enterprises. He has to his credit a number of organisations he founded / co-founded, in the areas of media and PR, market-based social security for informal sector, women’s safety and road safety during his career.

Sunish currently leads Ashoka in India, helping creating a Changemaker-world by expanding the community of Ashoka Fellows and young-changemakers, and institutions that focus on developing essential skills of empathy and problem-solving among young children.

Sunish runs an initiative to reduce instances of road-deaths and injuries, by re-introducing road as a shared social space, redefining the way driving is learnt and licensed, and redesigning road infrastructure putting the vulnerable road-users in the center. In his free time, Sunish loves to paint and has held a few exhibitions of his own. He lives in Bangalore with his wife, Vidyut and son, Yash.