Seeing the Unseen: the Bias of Algorithms

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Yeshimabeit Milner Welcome Change
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Algorithms are hidden from most of us, yet they are shaping many aspects of our lives — and they perpetuate systemic racism. To understand how this happens, and how we can correct it, we turn to Yeshimabeit Milner, a data scientist, social entrepreneur, and Ashoka Fellow. In 2016, Yeshi started Data 4 Black Lives, a community of mathematicians, tech experts, and changemakers who are using data and movement-building as tools for a more equitable world. Ashoka’s Konstanze Frischen spoke with Yeshi this week, here are a few highlights . . .

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Like algorithms, systemic racism is hidden yet affects so many aspects of our lives. Yeshi drills down on one place it surfaces, with far-ranging consequences for Black communities: FICO and credit scores. These are the three-digit numbers that signal credit-worthiness to conventional lenders, determining whether you can buy a house, start a business, or finance an education.