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Ashoka U Selection Criteria

The Changemaker Campus criteria were synthesized from Ashoka U’s experiences of what works in cross­-campus social innovation. We have learned that the following conditions must be in place for a cross­-campus social innovation initiative to truly grow and thrive.

Vision and Action Plan: ­a clear vision and team action plan for how to advance social innovation as core value of the institution.

Change Leaders: the entrepreneurial efforts of one to three change leaders with the vision and personal qualities to drive innovation. Change Leader characteristics include:

  • Envisions social entrepreneurship as a key professional priority over the next few years.
  • Clearly articulates a vision for how social entrepreneurship will advance the institution’s mission and promote student learning.
  • Is dedicated to campus-­wide change, as opposed to change isolated in a particular department or center.
  • Entrepreneur or intrapreneur: Compelled to cause major pattern change as evidenced by experience founding a new venture or re­shaping the work of an existing organization.
  • Understanding and belief in "everyone a changemaker": Understands and believes in Ashoka's Everyone a Changemaker vision.
  • Social and emotional intelligence: Works efficiently and respectfully in teams, putting organizational and team goals first.
  • Ethical fiber: Exhibits exceptionally strong ethical standards, empathy skills, and trustworthiness.
  • Self definition: Assumes that changing the world in big ways is what he or she will do in life and has developed appropriate skills and ways of thinking.
  • Mandated to build social entrepreneurship with interdisciplinary campus­-wide scope:
    • Change leader has significant, dedicated time to advancing social entrepreneurship initiatives.
    • Change leader is accountable for partnership success.
  • Committed to building a cross-­campus Changemaker Campus Team:
    • Leads an informal or formal group that meets regularly.
    • Team includes representation from students, faculty, and staff, from both academic and student affairs.

Unique Contribution: a deep conviction and understanding of what the institution has to contribute to the transformation higher education and impact on solving global problems.


Selection Process

The selection process enables Ashoka U to make a comprehensive evaluation of the institution and helps us develop a portfolio of institutional strengths and unique contributions to the field.

Phase 1 – 360° Campus Scan:

The 360° Campus Scan is an inventory tool designed as an empowering experience and structured process to assess the changemaking ecosystem at your institution, catalyze deeper commitment among your allies, generate new insights and ideas about what could work at your institution, and get feedback, recommendations, and comparative institutional case studies from Ashoka U. -­ US $7,500*

Phase 2 – Site Visit:

Ashoka U conducts a selection site visit for interviews with senior leaders and other key allies on campus, and for final evaluation and coaching for the selection panel. - US $7,500* + Travel and Accomodations

Phase 3 – Selection Panel:

Two Change Leaders or campus representatives make their case in front of experts in the field, who decide whether the institution qualifies as a Changemaker Campus.


Within a week of the Changemaker Campus selection panel, we will notify you of your designation as a Changemaker Campus and begin to prepare for a launch and designation ceremony at the Ashoka U Exchange. - US $10,000*

*Costs for academic year 2017/2018 in USD. Prices are subject to change for academic year 2018/2019.

Please note: Institutions only move on to the next phase if the current phase has been sufficiently satisfied.

To learn more about the Changemaker Campus selection process, please contact us here.