Julieta's Changemaker Journey

julieta_martinez_2.jpg Jóvenes chile Julieta Martínez
In this Changemaker Conversation, get a closer look at Julieta, a changemaker from Chile, uplifting the voices, abilities, and ideas of young women across Latin America.
Ashoka Fellow
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Voluntarios de Chile is a network of organizations that bring together non-profit institutions that incorporate in part or totally the work of volunteers to achieve their purposes.

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La Universidad Autónoma de Chile believes and supports the value of personal freedom, individual and social development through education and culture, and promotes respect for people as free and equal beings in dignity and rights.

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Tremendas is a platform that makes visible and connects young people who use their talents to support causes of social impact.

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SOFOFA is a non-profit Gremial Federation that brings together companies and guilds linked to the Chilean industrial sector.

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El Hogar de Cristo welcomes the poorest of the poor with love and dignity to broaden their chances to a better life. It calls with enthusiasm and links the community in its responsibility to those excluded from society.