Aart van Veller

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow since 2016
This description of Aart van Veller's work was prepared when Aart van Veller was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2016 .


Aart van Veller created the Netherlands' first renewable energy marketplace, empowering both consumers and independent producers of local renewable energy to circumvent the traditional system, changing market dynamics and advancing the transition from gray to green energy by creating demand for it.

L'idée nouvelle

Vandebron was founded in 2014 and has already radically altered the dynamics of the energy market in the Netherlands, simply by creating a true market for renewable energy for both consumers and independent renewable energy producers. In essence, Vandebron is a marketplace for renewable energy combined with an innovative approach to advance the energy transition from grey to green with the mission of to accelerate the transformation to 100% renewable energy. Vandebron achieves this by changing market dynamics in such a way that ROI on renewable energy production increases for independent producers, providing them with a sound incentive to increase production. They have decoupled any organizational incentive to sell more energy by using a subscription model independent of energy usage. Even more, Vandebron has an incentive to sell less energy per consumer, so that they can connect more consumers to the same source of green energy, gaining economies of scale.