UBS Social Innovators Program 2016


The UBS Social Innovators Program aims at selecting and supporting social entrepreneurs, who deliver innovative solutions to society's most pressing challenges at the national and international level. This tailored package of support will include access to UBS’s unique network and know-how, global exposure and expert coaching. UBS Social Innovators is being launched with support from Ashoka.

Eligible social enterprises can be working in any field and tackling a social or environmental issue at any scale from local to international. They must have developed their solutions beyond proof of concept and already be up and running and potentially looking to grow through social investment. Up to 12 shortlisted social enterprises in each participating region will be invited to a two-day Regional Bootcamp, during which they will pitch for a spot in their Regional Final. One social enterprise from each region will earn the title of UBS Social Innovator. They will enter a tailored year-long Accelerator program focused on scaling up their impact and receive a USD 40,000 grant. 

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UBS Social Innovators Program : Discover the 12 finalists!

We had over 1200 social enterprises apply to UBS Social Innovators 2016. We've spent the last month reviewing all the entries thoroughly and have reached our decisions. We are very pleased to announce the shortlisted candidates in each region and we look forward to welcoming them to the regional...
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UBS launched International search for trailblazing social innovators

The UBS Social Innovators Program was launched with support from Ashoka in July 2016. It aims at selecting and supporting social entrepreneurs, who deliver innovative solutions to society's most pressing challenges at the national and international level. This tailored package of support will...
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Caroline Kant: caring for children suffering from life-threatening diseases

While working at Merck Serono in the research and development (R&D) knowledge management department, Caroline Kant discovered many drugs sitting on the company’s shelves, waiting to be researched on, and which could become part of a much needed solution to treat rare diseases.
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Banking on social innovation

Photo credit: UBS Caroline Anstey, Global Head of UBS and Society and former Managing Director of the World Bank spoke to Adam Lent, Ashoka’s European Director of Research and Innovation, about a revolution in finance that currently is driving social change. The daughter of Oscar-winning documentary...
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Crowdfunding : Can social innovators turn the model on its head?

Crowdfunding began as a way to fund personal projects. A new generation of social entrepreneurs takes it to the next level. When college friends Matt Flannery and Jessica Jackley decided to launch an experimental website to raise funds for small-scale entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, they had no idea of...
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Building the Social Enterprise Eco-System in Thailand

Photo credit: Change Fusion In South East Asia, 95 per cent of coral reefs are endangered. In Thailand the richest quartile of the population own around half of the country’s income, whilst the poorest quartile have less than 10 per cent. Only 38 per cent of the population are educated to a...
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How the Mobile Phone Is Enabling A New Social Enterprise Economy

Photo credit: ISSOUF SANOGO/AFP/Getty Images Do you remember that old mobile phone that you traded in years ago? Chances are, your phone may be helping power a new social revolution for millions living in poverty around the world. Most of the phones in use have only basic call and texting functions...
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Empowering Mothers in the Workplace

Photo Credit : MaaM In 2012, Ashoka Fellow Riccarda Zezza returned from her second maternity leave to a senior position in a large European corporation. Zezza observed that in corporate culture it was not unusual for employees to take time away from the office – with work placements, further study...
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Funding for Impact: How 'Payment by Results' Could Revolutionize Development Funding

Photo Credit: NARINDER NANU/AFP/Getty Images A pioneering new approach to funding social development projects has completed its first year – with promising results. Nearly four million girls, between ages 6 and 13, aren’t attending school in India. That’s a big problem. Development economists have...
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Congratulations to the 4 Swiss finalists!

Congratulations to CARBON DELTA, CHOBA CHOBA, PROJEKT INTERIM and VELAFRICA for having been selected as regional finalists at the UBS Social Innovators program that took place in Wolfsberg, Switzerland on the 20th and 21st of November 2016. You can read about their profiles and the 8 other regional...
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Introducing 2016 UBS Swiss Social innovator

Choba Choba! Congratulations to the team for having been elected as the Swiss 2016 UBS Social Innovator. The announcement was made on Nov 3rd at the end of the Regional Final. The other 3 Swiss shortlisted enterprises were Carbon Delta, Projekt Interim, Velafrica, congratulations to them for having...
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