Specialisterne changes the way society perceives autism. By employing autistic people, who have ten times lower fault rate in software testing, programming, data-entry and other tasks, Specialisterne transforms autism from a handicap to a competitive advantage.

JobAct pioneers intertwined paths of self-discovery and skills training to dramatically increase the chances of employment for unemployed people of all ages, a new method that outperforms state agencies’ rates by 24%.

Through a simple market mechanism, a legal holding company with publicly available shares, Regionalwert AG has created an accessible financial investment opportunity that is changing the structure of the agriculture sector.

Boutique de Gestion (BGE) pionieered the profession of Entrepreneurship Advisors in Paris in 1979 and launched the first open management shops where entrepreneurs can ‘shop’ for management advice for their business idea or project. 

Siel Bleu pioneered a new model of elderly care in France by offering adapted sports activities that help the elderly improve their physical and psychological well-being and delay the onset of age-related degenerative illnesses. 

The Beehive that Says Yes is a new marketplace for local suppliers that targets mainstream consumers by giving them access to a distribution system for local, small-scale and environmentally sustainable products. 

Lanzaderas is a Career Boosting and Social Entrepreneurship program which brings together teams of 20 people and a coach to work together to find jobs or develop their own entrepreneurial activities using methods of collective empowerment and transversal skills building.


Partners for Youth Empowerment (PYE) collaborates with communities to awaken the creative leadership and employability of young people by training practitioners, schools and youth-serving organisations on using the arts to create dynamic and engaging learning experiences. 

"The Future is Brighter" (Gelecek Daha Net or GDN in Turkish) empowers, encourages and enables youths to design their own unique futures, formulate proactive plans and take informed educational and professional decisions. The platform combines online and offline services such as trainings/webinars, workshops, as well as coaching and mentoring sessions with professionals from all industry sectors.

Ana Bella Foundation is leading a survivor movement network in Spain, connecting survivor women, who by example of their own recovery from a gender-related violence experience convey a positive message and empower other women to regain their self-confidence, start the separation process and rediscover their strengths on the labor market.