Kaajal: Smashing the stigma against OCD

Liberate: My OCD Fighter strives to rectify gaps in mental health services and battle the stigma against OCD.
Kaajal Gupta AYC India 2019

Driven by her own experience with OCD, Kaajal started Liberate: My OCD Fighter, an online app to rectify gaps in mental health services by creating an affordable, at-home service targeted at younger audiences. In conjunction to therapy, the app aims to normalize treatment and remove the stigma from mental health. 

Through exercises such as cognitive-behavioural techniques and exposure-response prevention exercises, the platform offers users an interactive space to improve their health without being confined to a therapist’s office. The app also connects users with their therapist for weekly correspondents. 

Additionally, the venture also tackles stereotypes and biases against mental health by conducting information sessions and offering student outreach programs about OCD. The app is active in India, the US and has been recently released in the European Union, engaging more than 2,000 active users and counting.